Nomination Deadline:

Alaska Forum Awards - 2019

Take time to recognize someone or an organization that does great work for Alaska. Submit your nomination for either the Environmental Excellence Award or the Outstanding Achievement Award!

It is simple to help provide the recognition someone deserves. Simply click on the Nomination link and complete the online form. Then press submit!

The Environmental Excellence Award recognizes an individual who has made a long-term commitment to public education or environmental and natural resources sciences. Click here to make an Environmental Excellence Nomination.

The Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes a project, program, group, publication, or similar concrete accomplishment that occurred during the three years prior to nomination for the award. An individual is not eligible to receive this award. Click here to make an Outstanding Achievement Nomination.

Selection Criteria: The Awards are open to any individual or organization that has contributed to the advancement of knowledge, education, cooperation, or management of the environment and/or natural resources of Alaska. Members of the Alaska Forum Board of Directors or Planning Committee are not eligible for the Environmental Excellence Award. Winners of these awards will be selected based on how well they have:

  1. Advanced the environmental or natural resources sciences and public education;
  2. Promoted the application of sound scientific practices in managing, conserving, or repairing Alaska's environment or natural resources; and 
  3. Fostered coordination and cooperation among professional, scientific, educational, and non-profit organizations having leadership responsibilities for Alaska's environment and natural resources.