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Green Star Communities Program

Green Star® is a program operated by the Alaska Forum, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The Green Star Communities Program supports Alaska communities that wish to practice waste reduction, energy conservation and pollution prevention. Communities that meet the Green Star Community Standards are recognized for their accomplishments.  This program is possible thanks to support of the USDA Rural Development Program.

Green Star Provides Recognition 

Through the original Green Star program, it was found that businesses that are environmentally responsible also have a stronger bottom line. These same principles apply to communities where their water, wastewater, solid waste, and energy utilities are maintained and managed with best available practices. By examining a community's utility and waste management infrastructure, significant financial savings and environmental benefits can be the result.

Today, Green Star Program continues its EPA-award-winning program now expanded to recognize communities that continue to voluntarily meet and exceed Green Star’s standards of environmental responsibility. When these standards have been met and their community receives their Green Star Community Award.

Is Your Community Interested In Becoming Green Star Certified?

Currently we are working on a group of selected communities throughout Alaska. We would happily add your community to our list! Please contact Doug Huntman, dhuntman@akforum.org, (907) 331-0271 ext 4.   If you have been invited as one of our target area communities, you can enroll in the Green Star Communities Program to choose your membership options.