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Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) was the final organization to accept the Green Star award at the Alaska Forum luncheon.  Piper Foster Wilder, Deputy Director, Henry Hundt, Energy Conservation Fellow and Colleen Fisk, Energy Education

 Director, were in attendance to accept the Green Star program award.  REAP has been a dedicated partner to the Green Star program through public outreach and support on energy efficiency projects.

REAP’s primary goal was to increase the production of renewable energy in Alaska and bring the benefits of clean, economic and inexhaustible renewable power to the citizens of Alaska. REAP also promotes energy efficiency and conservation as a way to reduce residents’ energy bills and potentially avoid construction of expensive new power plants.

REAP’s current initiatives include working to improve the efficiency of the Railbelt electricity grid, advancing microgrids through the Alaska Microgrid Partnership and the Islanded Grid Resource Center; education of K-12 students statewide through the AK Energy Smart and Wind for Schools curricula; and the promotion of holistic community development through the Sustainable Southeast Partnership.

REAP was also busy bringing the next generation of Renewable Energy projects to Alaska.  REAP played an integral role in 2010 in the passage of two energy laws critical to ensuring Alaskans have a steady, long-term supply of energy at stable prices.

Congratulations to the Renewable Energy Alaska Project on their dedication to the Great State of Alaska and for achieving the Green Star award.


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