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Rust’s Flying Service

Rust’s Flying Service is owned and operated by the Rust family and is Lake Hood’s oldest and largest seaplane operator.  Rust’s Flying Service like its sister company K2, has worked hard to streamline operations and allow more visitors to witness remote Alaska through the use of larger planes.  This helps to lower costs, and reduces the overall visitor impact to the environment.

Rust’s worked hard through the Green Star program to promote

a green sustainable business model.   Recycling is offered in the lobby for guests, and paper brochures used for advertising has largely been replaced with electronic 

media.  Rust’s recently replaced several older vehicles with newer more fuel-efficient models and offers pick-up to and from the airport so guests do not have to rent a vehicle. 

Congratulations to K2 Aviation and Rust’s Flying Service on their efforts in achieving the Green Star award.


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Katy Ouellette

(907) 771-2117

4525 Enstrom Cir.
Anchorage, AK 99502