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Central Recycling Service (CRS)  

CRS has been a strong Green Star partner and continues to promote pollution prevention standards through 

public outreach and through diversion of tons of material from the landfill. Over the past year CRS partnered with the Green Communities program and played a vital roll in backhauling recyclable and hazardous waste material from rural communities throughout Alaska.

CRS operates two recycling yards in the Ship Creek area of Anchorage. The main facility accepts material from full-scale construction and demolition projects and recycles material such as concrete, asphalt and glass for re-use.  The second CRS yard is focused on metals from many sources including; direct buy from customers, material from site demolition, and remote site clean up work. They also take complex materials including vehicles, batteries, compressors and catalytic converters.

CRS focuses not only on recycling, but on reuse. CRS has an inventory of surplus and used construction materials, vehicles, and equipment for sale.  CRS developed an online auction site making it easier for potential buyers to see what is in their constantly changing inventory.  Over the past year, CRS maintained over a 75% recycling rate on the business end, resulting in environmental sustainability in its operations. Finally, CRS used waste oil for shop heating, implemented a recycling program for its offices, and upgraded to LED lighting in its shop

Green Star congratulates Central Recycling Services on their Green Star award!

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