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BLM Campbell Tract Facility

The BLM Campbell Tract Facility is located in the heart of Anchorage and is home to the BLM Anchorage District and Anchorage Field Offices.  The Campbell Tract Facility supports the BLM Alaska State Office, BLM Alaska Fire Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Anchorage Field Office and an interagency dispatch center.  In addition to offices, the Campbell Tract Facility houses a warehouse, maintenance shop, communication sites, and an active airstrip and heliport.

The Bureau of Land Management has taken its commitment to “go green” seriously.  BLM purchased green products whenever possible and all waste that could be recycled were recycled.  BLM implemented a shop heater to burn used-oil and jet fuel left over from field work.  In addition to avoiding disposal of fuel products, the used-oil burner offset some of the high heating costs in the maintenance shop. 

In 2015 BLM recycled:


Over the past year, the BLM Campbell Tract facility worked hard to reduce electricity usage by converting light fixtures to LED wherever possible and practiced energy savings by turning lights off in empty rooms.  Further impact was reduced through the use of a “Green Purchasing program” where bio-based cleaning materials were used instead of hazardous chemicals.   To round out their Green Star program, BLM installed low and ultra-low flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water consumption and initiated a program to replace heating fuels with cleaner, cheaper natural gas.

Congratulations to BLM – Campbell Tract – Anchorage Field Office on their Green Star award!

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