Green Star® Events

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Green Star® Events is a program designed to recognize community events that take steps to reduce waste, prevent pollution, and support recycling.

The program’s most visible aspect is the recycling program but it also undertakes waste prevention activities, which help to enhance the efficiency of the recycling program, as well as reduce the volume of waste generated.

Do you have a special event coming up? Do you wish you could recycle at the event but you just don’t know where to start? Let Green Star® help you make your event a certified Green Star® event. The program can help by providing all the necessary bins, signs, materials, and guidance needed.

As a certified Green Star® event, you will demonstrate to the community that you care about the environment and our home.

Recycling Service for Green Star® Events:

We will bring recycling bins to your event, manage the recycling bins to ensure they’re not getting contaminated with solid waste, pick the recycling bins up, and haul your recycling to the recycling center. This is a complete one-stop shop to host your certified Green Star® event. Green Star® will even send you the recycling data collected from your event so you can share it with your clients and guests. The cost for this service is discounted for Green Star® program awardee's and enrollees!

For assistance please contact our Green Star® staff:

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