Green Star® Program


Green Star® is the Alaska's only Pollution Prevention program. Pollution Prevention (P2) means reducing or eliminating the volume or toxicity of materials, pollutants, or wastes at the source so that they never become waste in the first place. P2 is a proactive approach to environmental management. It is not the same as pollution control or waste management, which is responding to pollution at the "end of the pipe."

Pollution Prevention IS:

Pollution Prevention IS NOT:

  • good housekeeping
  • inventory control
  • in-process recycling
  • product substitution
  • process changes
  • waste segregation
  • disposal
  • off-site recycling
  • pollution treatment
  • end-of-pipe control

Pollution Prevention has wide-ranging environmental and economic benefits, because it gets at the waste and inefficiencies that are the root causes of pollution. P2's health and environmental benefits include cleaner air and water, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, less toxic waste to manage, less solid waste going to landfills, greater workplace safety, and better stewardship of natural resources. P2's economic benefits include greater business efficiency, increased competitiveness, less exposure to risks, and reduced costs for regulatory monitoring, fees, and paperwork. If you don't create pollution, you don't have to spend money regulating it, handling it, storing it, treating it, or disposing of it.

2019 Green Star® Awardees

Green Star® assisted countless companies and organizations this past year, saving thousands of dollars through energy costs and tens of thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. Over 100 companies currently participate in the Green Star® program. A list of companies and organizations participating in the program can be found here. Ten companies made the commitment in 2018 to sign up for the program or renew their certification:

  1. Alaska West Express
  2. Donlin Gold, Inc.
  3. K & L Distributors, Inc.
  4. Lynden South Air Park Facility
  5. Lynden Transport, Inc.
  6. MTA
  7. NeighborWorks Alaska
  8. Skinny Raven Sports
  9. TerraSond
  10. The K3 Group

These companies have made the commitment to follow Green Star® standard guidelines in their business. The Green Star® Award focuses on all aspects of operations and examine all waste streams, including:

Not only can material disposal be managed better, but eliminating waste through smarter purchasing and/or employee behavior is also encouraged. The plan is for employees of Green Star® companies to take behaviors learned on the job and implement them at home.

By meeting the Green Star® standards, these organizations can demonstrate to the public that they have gone well beyond compliance with environmental regulations and have voluntarily implemented a thorough waste prevention and pollution prevention plan. A link to the Green Star® business standards can be found here. 

Green Star® is a program operated by the Alaska Forum, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It supports businesses that wish to practice waste reduction, energy conservation, and pollution prevention through education and technical assistance as part of an award-winning voluntary certification program.

Green Star® History

Green Star® began in 1990, in Anchorage, Alaska, as a cooperative effort. The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce successfully partnered with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the non-profit Alaska Center for the Environment to develop the Green Star® program. The program, represented by this diverse group of state regulators, environmentalists, and business leaders, was created to give positive recognition to organizations that exercised environmental responsibility. Through the Program, it was found that organizations that are environmentally responsible also have a stronger bottom line. Examining an organization’s waste streams and making an internal change to reduce them result in significant financial savings, as well as environmental benefits.

Today, Green Star® Program continues with the support of Knik Tribal Council, to recognize businesses that voluntarily meet and exceed Green Star’s standards of environmental responsibility. 

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