As Alaska's largest statewide gathering of environmental professionals, the Alaska Forum on the Environment (AFE) is a unique opportunity for businesses, government agencies and organizations to share information about their environmental efforts, products and services by being an exhibitor.

As an exhibitor at AFE, you can expect to reach as many as 1,200 individuals from across Alaska to share information and provide training on important environmental issues.

Booth Information
10x10 piped and draped booth space
One AFE registration pass (shared among your exhibitor staff)
10,000+ impressions from attendees
Reach an attendee group of environmental professionals from all business sectors including local and state government, tribal organizations, for-profit businesses, non-profit businesses, and more.
$995-$1795 depending on number of booth staff members and shared conference passes
Space Rental
All 5 days
Exhibit Space Location
2nd or 3rd Floor
Virtual Exhibitor Booth
Choose 6 foot
Electrical Outlet
Pipe and Drape
Conference Session Pass
Conference Lunch Pass
Monday & Thursday
Complimentary of Dena'ina Center
If you need additional items for your booth or services such as freight handling, that can be arranged through Alaska Event Services.
Exhibitor booth packages includes one to three conference passes (lunch, all AFE sessions and online access) for 1-15 exhibitor staff members to work the booth. The in-person pass can be shared among exhibitor staff allowing a staff member to attend sessions or lunches at once. Additional conferences passes (to include lunches, sessions and online access) can be purchased at a discounted rate of $300 using discount code EXHIBITORPASS with an In-Person registration. Exhibitor package prices are determined by the number of booth staff attending.
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Exhibitor Set Up

10:00am - 2:00pm
Sunday, Feb. 4
Setup access through the security door on G Street (see map)


8:00am - 5:00pm
Monday, Feb. 5-Friday, Feb. 9

Exhibitor Tear Down

Friday, Feb. 9

Registration and Cancellation Deadline – January 5, 2024

We encourage exhibitors to register as soon as possible, as space is limited. A refund, less a processing fee of $50, will be issued to those who cancel their booth in writing before January 5, 2024. No refunds will be issued after January 5, 2024.
Alaska Forum on the Environment Exhibitor Rules and Regulations Governing Use of Space by Exhibitors
  1. These rules and regulations form part of the Agreement for Exhibition Space made between the Alaska Forum on the Environment Conference and the Exhibitors.
  2. The Exhibitor shall comply with and ensure that its employees and agents comply with all legal requirements imposed by a government body. Special building rules regarding the operation of oil or gasoline engines must be strictly observed, as must all other special building rules and regulations.
  3. Any Exhibitor desiring to hold drawings for trips, merchandise, etc. must advise the Conference in writing 30 days prior to the opening of the Conference. You must indicate that you will honor all local, state and federal laws. The only food items allowed to be given away at each booth is individually wrapped candies. This is per the Dena’ina Center rules and regulations.
  4. The Conference, sponsoring Associations or Dena’ina Center shall not in any manner or for any cause be liable or responsible to any Exhibitor or any other person for any injury or damage to any person, business or property in any way related to or arising on connection with the exhibition; and any and all claims for such injuries or damages are hereby waived and each exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the conference, sponsoring Associations, Dena’ina Center and their directors, officers, employees and agents (the “Indemnified Parties”) against any all claims, liabilities, losses and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, imposed on, incurred by or asserted against the Indemnified Parties caused by any act or omission of that exhibitor, or occurring within the exhibit space leased by that exhibitor or arising in connection with the activities conducted by that exhibitor in connection with the Conference.
  5. The exhibitors shall not place in the exhibit area any apparatus or goods that in any manner be objectionable to other exhibitors or to the spectators at such exhibition or that shall in any manner be dangerous or calculated to cause injury to any persons coming in contact with them or result on fire or damage to the building or exhibits.
  6. The exhibitors shall not sell goods and/or services at their booth, without previous written consent from the Conference.
  7. The Conference reserves the right to prohibit the display of any article that, in its opinion, is not in keeping with the nature and character of the Exhibition, or not in harmony with the other exhibits and the decoration of the building.
  8. In the event that the premises in which the exhibition is to be held are destroyed or damaged by fire or any other cause, so the exhibition cannot be held, the exhibitors have no cause or action of claim for damages or compensation against the Conference or sponsoring Associations except for the return of any amount previously paid, and in such an event, this agreement shall be terminated.
  9. The Exhibitors shall have the rights, subject to provisions herein contained, to arrange their exhibits within the space allotted to them in the manner best suited for displaying and demonstrating the goods manufactures or represented by them. No part of an exhibit shall extend outside of the exhibit space boundary. All materials, items, etc. must be contained within the space assigned to the exhibitors as per the complete agreement and in accordance with Conference booth construction guidelines.
  10. The exhibitors shall care for their own exhibits and take such steps and precautions as may be necessary to prevent injury or damage to themselves or their exhibits.
  11. The exhibitor shall, at his/her expense, provide insurance for protection against fire, theft, vandalism or destruction by any cause. He/she shall also provide workmen’s compensation and general liability insurance in an amount not less than one million dollars per occurrence.
  12. Exhibit break down must be accomplished as directed in the Exhibitor information. Exhibitors shall remove all exhibits and any goods or property brought into the exhibit hall and leave said space both clean and free from all rubbish (including cardboard boxes. Exhibitors will be charged a clean-up fee for any boxes, rubbish, etc. left behind. No such exhibit or any part thereof, may be removed during the period such as Exhibition, without the written consent of the Conference.
  13. The exhibitors shall not assign or sublet any of the spaces granted to them as herein before set forth, without the prior written consent of the Conference.
  14. Exhibitors are prohibited from hanging or installing any items directly on Dena’ina Convention Center walls. The exhibitors shall install their exhibits in such a manner as not to cause damage to any other exhibit or booths or the building. The exhibit or shall pay for any such damage so caused by the exhibitor. Exhibit load in and set-up must be accomplished as directed in the Exhibitor information.
  15. Neither this “Agreement for Exhibition Space” nor any booth or display space request or allocation will be binding on the Conference or sponsoring Associations unless and until the exhibitor completes, signs and returns the “Agreement for Exhibit Space;” and issues payment in accordance with said Agreement, and said Agreement is executed by the Alaska Forum, Inc.
  16. All personnel who are representatives of the exhibiting company must register as an Exhibitor. Maximum number of staff is dependent on exhibitor package selected. If additional staff are added and exceeds the package selected, the organization will be subject to additional fees. Exhibitor badges are good for admittance to the conference floor area only and will be valid for the duration of the Exhibition. Badges must be worn by exhibitors to gain entrance to the Exhibition area and at all times while in the exhibition area. Exhibitor badges do not entitle exhibitors to attend conference sessions. Shared Exhibitor passes will be provided to each Exhibitor permitting Exhibitor staff member(s) in to Conference sessions or lunches at one time. If Exhibitor wishes to purchase additional access passes for staff, they can do so through the registration link. 
  17. Booth contracts will be date stamped as they are received. Reservations of booth space will not be accepted over the telephone, only by return of the contract with payment. The Alaska Forum on the Environment will make selection of participants and final booth assignments. Preference will be given based on the date stamp shown on this contract. If needed, preference will be shown to vendors who have exhibited in previous years. The committee reserves the right to refuse booth space to any vendor not in character with the exhibit theme, as well as to separate competitors. All booths are shown on the floor plan. Dimensions and locations are believed to be accurate but are not guaranteed.
  18. Drayage and material shipping services are available through Alaska Event Services. Neither the Dena’ina Convention Center nor the Alaska Forum on the Environment will accept advance shipment of exhibit materials. All costs of shipping, drayage and storage, etc. are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.
  19. Security for the exhibit hall will not be provided. The hall will be locked during non-exhibition hours. Convention Center staff will groom the exhibition area nightly. The Dena’ina Convention Centers shall take responsibility for exhibit booth items and materials.
  20. Space is limited, and booths are reserved on a first come, first serve basis upon acceptance of your application and approval from the conference planning committee. The committee reserves the right to refuse any vendor it determines is not appropriate for the conference.