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The Green Star Communities program supports Alaska communities that want to practice waste reduction, energy conservation and pollution prevention. Communities that meet the Green Star Community Standards are recognized for their accomplishments.
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Green Star® Communities Program

Improve Landfill Operations
Reduce Solid Waste Disposal
Improve Energy Conservation
Reduce Wastewater
Improve Drinking Water
Through the original Green Star program, it was found that businesses and organizations that are environmentally responsible also have a stronger bottom line. These same principles apply to communities where their water, wastewater, solid waste and energy utilities are maintained and managed with best available practices. Examining a community's utility and waste management infrastructure, can result in significant financial savings and environmental benefits.

Green Star is an EPA award-winning program

Communities that voluntarily meet and exceed Green Star’s standards of environmental responsibility receive their Green Star community award.

Sustainable solutions are realized by approaching waste and resource management with an integrated community-focused approach, and the Green Star Award provides affirmative public recognition for achievements.

The program provides an initial on-site community assessment to identify existing service gaps necessary for sustainable waste and resource management improvements. The assessment is a community-wide review of local utility infrastructure and waste management services and provides information for the community to identify priority needs for improvement and specific action items. General information, training, and technical assistance is delivered onsite during the assessment and covers the following topics: Landfill management and operator training, household hazardous waste (HHW) management and reduction, energy conservation, waste stream evaluation, and water and waste water management. Information and materials are designed to engage both decision-makers and the community by providing practical, local, and sustainable solutions to many environmental and solid waste issues adjusted to address problems specific to each community's situation. Follow-up and technical support by Green Star staff enable the community to develop a work plan to resolve issues in the village and progress towards earning their Green Star Award.

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