Green Star® History and Current Status for Alaska Businesses

Green Star began in 1990, in Anchorage, Alaska, as a cooperative effort. The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce successfully partnered with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the non-profit Alaska Center for the Environment to develop the Green Star program. The program, represented by this diverse group of state regulators, environmentalists, and business leaders, was created to give positive recognition to organizations that exercised environmental responsibility. Through the program, it was found that organizations that are environmentally responsible also have a stronger bottom line. Examining an organization’s waste streams and making an internal change to reduce them result in significant financial savings, as well as environmental benefits.

Today, Green Star Program continues to provide pollution prevention guidance to businesses but is currently focused on efforts to encourage the use and availability of EPA Safer Choice chemicals throughout Alaska. While we no longer have funding to support the business certifications and business assessments as done in the original program, we continue to work with local retailers and businesses to support safer chemical use and provide public recognition for businesses supporting these efforts.

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